Rashbam's Commentaries on Nakh


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Citations of Rashbam's commentary on Tehillim in several medieval works1 prove that Rashbam wrote a commentary on Tehillim, but until recently it was assumed that this commentary had not survived.  In the mid 1990s, though, Y. Okun discovered that the commentary on Tehillim in MS St. Petersburg I C 6 which begins as Rashi, switches from Chapter 42 until the beginning of Chapter 143 to a different commentary.2  Some of the interesting features of this commentary were then noted by B. Richler and Y. Ta-Shma, and the latter published an article about this commentary in 1997.3  In 2009, A. Mondschein identified the author as Rashbam, and he published selected chapters from the commentary in two articles.4 

Until now, though, only a small fraction of this commentary has been published, and this has limited the analysis and discussion of this identification.  As there are still some unresolved issues regarding this identification, the ALHATORAH.ORG edition is entitled "מיוחס לרשב"ם".  It is based on MS St. Petersburg I C 6 (NLI # 69819), with some suggested textual emendations as well as some additions from citations in other works.  We gratefully acknowledge the permission of the National Library of Russia to publish the text of their manuscript.



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