The Unique Mission of

Revitalizing the Torah Learning Experience

  • Panoramic and 3D View of's wide array of lenses and modes of analysis helps the learner appreciate the breadth and depth of the Biblical text and its commentaries. By employing everything from Ancient Near Eastern documents to medieval commentaries to modern art and literature, the text of Torah is brought to life.
  • provides the resources, tools, and replicable methodology for active learning, allowing the user to act, react, and interact.
  • Harnessing Modern Technology – The dawning of the new age of the electronic book has enabled the reimagining of how knowledge can be organized, personalized, interconnected, and continuously expanded. With its tree structured, customizable, ever editable and expandable, hyperlinked, and audio-visually integrated commentary, begins to capture and realize some of this incredible potential.1
  • Bonding with our Heritage – The reader explores a vast spectrum of commentaries, ranging from the Second Temple period to modern times, all presented in their historical and exegetical contexts. Biblical study becomes a way of reconnecting with the plurality of cultural riches of the thousands of years of our history.
  • Addressing Fundamental confronts the challenges posed by classical questions such as the relationship between peshat and derash, and modern issues such as textual criticism and source criticism.

Connecting People through a Social Torah Network

  • Communal provides a platform which allows ongoing worldwide collaboration and input from people on all levels and with various types of expertise, in creating the Torah equivalent of Wikipedia and beyond. As the editorial team builds the underlying foundation and structure of the comprehensive Torah commentary, the wider public of all ages will contribute additional sources, insights, translations, and novel interpretations. Vigorous debate and discussion via the Forum will stimulate and foster close bonds and contacts.
  • Reaching Every Individual from Beginners to Scholars – With the range and richness of its approaches and the customizability of its levels, is becoming a central Torah clearinghouse, offering a product from which every person can gain, and an online learning community in which every person can contribute, discuss, and find meaning.

Impacting Jewish Education Worldwide

  • Providing Resources for Professional Educators – A good teacher never has nearly enough time to prepare for their classes. The wealth of distilled information, sources, and visual aids on this site will be invaluable in saving countless hours of time, in making material available which otherwise would be inaccessible, and in helping to sculpt better structured classes.
  • Learning as a Family – Animating the Shabbat Table – Through Shabbat table discussion topics and puzzles for both children and adults, piques one's curiosity and leads one step by step down the path to deeper exploration of the Torah topics. The family Shabbat table experience will be greatly enhanced.