Beit HaMikdash and Beit Shelomo


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A Digression: Building Beit Hashem or Beit Shelomo?

Melakhim I 6-7 describe the construction of the Beit HaMikdash in great detail, discussing the frame of the building, its interior design, the materials used, and the vessels found within.  Somewhat surprisingly, however, right in the midst of the description, the text appears to go on a tangent, and speaks of the building of Shelomo's personal palace complex,1 including Beit Ya'ar HaLevanon, a hall of pillars, hall of justice, his private home2 and the house of Bat Paroh.  What is the meaning of this interpolation?  Does not intertwining the description of the holiest of sites with that of a mundane palace serve to degrade the Mikdash?  Why confuse the sacred and profane? What message did Sefer Melakhim hope to relay by juxtaposing the two building projects?

Shelomo's Crowning Glory?

Many assume that Shelomo's building of the Beit HaMikdash was the highlight of his reign, whereby he demonstrated his love for and desire to honor Hashem.  However, a comparison of Beit Hashem and Beit Shelomo might make one question this assumption:

Additional Questions

The chapters raise several other question which might relate to the above: