Plot Development – Shemot 18

Full List – Verse by Verse

Yitro's Visit – Purpose and Significance

Why did Yitro come?

Two Accounts which Yitro Heard

What is the relationship between the account Yitro heard while still in Midyan and what he heard from Moshe?

אחר שלוחיה

Who Sent What to Whom?

When did Zipporah Return to Midyan?

At last mention, Zipporah was accompanying Moshe back to Egypt. When did she go back to Yitro's home?

Who Accompanied Yitro?

Moshe's family or Yitro's own wife and children?

כי בדבר אשר זדו עליהם

What led to Yitro's realization of God's greatness?

"Eating Bread Before God"

Why does Yitro offer sacrifices? What does "eating bread before God" mean? Why is Moshe not mentioned in verse 12?

Long Lines of Litigants

Why were there so many litigants?

Moshe's Duties and Yitro's Advice

Did Yitro's proposal address only Moshe's judicial burden or also his other responsibilities?

Did Moshe Need Yitro's Advice?

Why didn't Moshe think of Yitro's suggestion on his own?

Yitro's System – A Bloated Bureaucracy?

How did Yitro's system work? Were there really thousands of chosen heads (שרים)? What was their function?

Advice and Implementation

Did Moshe implement Yitro's advice to the letter or did he make modifications?

Yitro's Life After Shemot 18

Did Yitro ever return? Why did Moshe send Yitro away, yet beg Chovav to stay in Bemidbar 10?