Sukkot Table Topics

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As you invite the ushpizin into your Sukkah each night, discuss with family and friends  what makes each unique!

  • Avraham –  How revolutionary was Avraham's monotheism and worship of Hashem?  Was he a man of "חסד" or "אמת"? 
  • Yitzchak – Many view Yitzchak as simply continuing in the path set forth by his father.  Is this a fair assessment? What were Yitzchak's unique contributions to the nation?
  • Yaakov – Yaakov's life is filled with trails and tribulations; how does he deal with these?  What is Yaakov's greatest strength?  What is his biggest weakness? 
  • Yosef – What can Yosef teach about what it means to be a leader in exile?
  • Moshe – How did Moshe, brought up in an Egyptian palace, become the only man to merit to commune with Hashem face to face?  How did his close relationship to Hashem affect his relationship to the people? Can you be both a "Man of God" and a "Man of the People"?
  • Aharon – The Mishnah in Avot speaks of Aharon as a "lover and pursuer of peace".  Where does this express itself in Torah?  Would this be the trait you would choose to best describe Aharon?  What other aspects of his character stand out?
  • David – David is a master politician; how do the issues he deals with and the tactics he employs compare to those of modern leaders?

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