Yitro in Other Religions

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Yitro in Islamic Tradition

The Quran does not identify Moshe's father-in-law by name. However, in a number of places,1 the Quran speaks of a prophet called Shu'aib who was sent to rebuke the evildoers in Midyan. Based on the connection to Midyan, some Quran commentators identify Shu'aib as Moshe's father-in-law.2 See Midyan for sources which place Midyan in the Arabian Desert and identify it with the ruins in the Caves of Shu'aib.3

Yitro in Druze Tradition

Shu'aib (Yitro) is revered by the Druze as one of their foremost prophets and the intellectual advisor/partner of Moshe. This tradition dovetails with the Torah's presentation of Yitro as an advisor to Moshe.4 Many Druze claim to be descendants of Shu'aib, and a generally positive relationship has traditionally existed between Jews and Druze.5