Moshe and Eliyahu at Sinai

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On three occasions in Tanakh, a prophet receives a revelation at Mt. Sinai. Hashem reveals Himself to Moshe on the mountain during the burning bush episode (Shemot 3-4), and later, when giving him the Tablets of the Law (Shemot 19-20, 24, 33-34). Eliyahu, too, receives a revelation on the mountain after he is forced to flee from Izevel, in the aftermath of his victory over the Baal prophets on Mt. Carmel.  The three episodes share much in common, and lead the reader to compare the two great prophets.

Content Parallels

Literary Allusions


There is not a significant degree of linguistic overlap between the stories. However, the two phrases which are parallel are somewhat unique to these stories:

Points of Contrast


The comparison between the two prophets has been understood in contrasting ways by commentators.