Moshe – Overview

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Unique Traits

Prophetic Powers



See Moshe's Epitaph – Signs and Wonders.



Possible Flaws

Misunderstanding Hashem

Commentators disagree as to whether it is legitimate to maintain that Moshe could have ever misunderstood Hashem's instructions (for a parallel discussion regarding other prophets, see Prophecy):

Misunderstanding the Nation

Commentators disagree as to whether this happened:


Commentators disagree as to whether this happened:

  • Moshe could have made errors of judgment – see Mystery at the Malon.
  • Moshe did not make errors of judgment – 


See Moshe's Misstep and Mei Merivah.


The Torah explicitly notes Moshe's wrath in three places: Shemot 16:20, Vayikra 10:16, and Bemidbar 31:14.

There are a number of additional cases where some commentators claim that Moshe's temper got the better of him - see discussions in Shemot 2, Shemot 32, Bemidbar 20, Bemidbar 32.

Administrative Shortcomings

Some exegetes suggest that Moshe exhibited certain weaknesses as an administrator. See Did Moshe Need Yitro's Advice for elaboration, and see analyses of Moshe's leadership in Bemidbar 11 and Moshe's Misstep and Mei Merivah.

Speech Impediment

The three verses of Shemot 4:10, 6:12, and 6:30 describe Moshe's speech impediment using the terms of "כְבַד פֶּה וּכְבַד לָשׁוֹן" and "עֲרַל שְׂפָתָיִם‎". Exegetes debate whether or not this disability was of a physical nature - see Moshe's Speech Impediment.

Religious Identity

Was Moshe's Son Uncircumcised and Why?

Marriage and Family Life